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Anti Wrinkle & Tightening Cream

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11 Active Ingredients
More than all leading brands on the market!

See what The Luxury Creme can do for you

* Eliminate fine lines & wrinkles

* Fade dark spots and marks

* Promote collagen & elastin to tighten & lift

* Hydrate your skin by moisturizing

* Remove dark circles 

Why use The Luxury Creme?

TLC has an all natural base while many other anti-wrinkle creams use chemicals such as carbamol and propylene glycol. The chemicals can cause skin irritation by possessing allergic co-factors. TLC is 100% non-allergenic.The other HUGE benefit is that TLC has 11 active ingredients versus the typical cream having 1 to 3 ingredients.

How does The Luxury Creme work?

The formula works synergistically to out perform the top names on the market. It contains powerful ingredients that show promising results in reducing wrinkles and tightening sagging skin. The Luxury Creme contains peptides that can increase production of collagen while significantly firming skin. In this way, TLC helps in restoring youth and beauty.


Ingredients In The Luxury Creme 


Vitamin C is known to stimulate growth in the dermal layers. Vitamin C also works to protect the skin against free radical damage.


DMAE quickly and noticeably improves the appearance of skin by improving muscle tone making skin firmer. DMAE also enhances the effects of other antioxidants, which result in increased smoothness, glow, and diminishing the appearance of lines.


helps stimulate skin production.

BETA 1,3 / 1,6 GLUCAN

Beta Glucan has been shown to stimulate skin cell growth which aids in the rejuvenation and youthfulness of the skin as well as helps treat skin blemishes, lightens scarring from acne, and soothes dry, cracking skin 


It nourishes, moisturizes, and protects your face from development of fine lines and free radical damage due to it’s antioxidant content. Aloe is ideal for mature skin. According to a 1998 study published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, aloe improves levels of collagen when applied topically. Plenty of healthy, new collagen is essential for preventing sagging skin and wrinkles.


has long been recognized as one of the strongest antioxidants, which protect our bodies from harmful oxidizing effects of free radicals. Among its many functions in the body, Vitamin A has been proven vital in keeping the skin soft and smooth.


Alpha Lipoic Acid is both water and fat soluble increasing absorption. Alpha Lipoic Acid naturally increases cellular exfoliation eliminating dead layers of cells as well as has antioxidant properties which fight against free radical damage.


MSM is a naturally occurring substance that is an essential nutrient for skin cell health. 


Bromelain is a natural antiinflammatory that aids in decreasing inflammation associated with free radical damage. 


is one of the most powerful antioxidants that protects and repairs your skin. 


is known for its moisturizing effect as well as its ability to cause the outer layer of dead skin cells to loosen and shed..Because it is so good for the skin and is compatible with cosmetic raw materials, over 10,000 patents mention allantoin. 


Purified Water, Safflower oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Grape Seed oil, Hemp Seed oil, Evening Primrose oil, Vitamin E oil,
Aloe Vera, DMAE Bitartrate, Beta- Glucan, MSM, Bromelain, Vitamin E, C & A, Potassium Sorbate, Sepigel 305, Sorbic Acid, Progesterone, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Lavender and Almond oil

“The Luxury Creme experience has been absolutely rewarding for me. I started using the product religiously for 2 months now. When the 2 most important men in my life paid a compliment back to back it means something is working. My father remarked “Your skin looks different, it’s glowing.” The next day my husband said “Wow, you look great, you look 20 years younger!” I can honestly say that my skin looks brighter and firmer. I wouldn’t use any other product on my skin - TLC is the fountain of youth for me!”
— Elsa, Los Angeles.
“I have spent obscene amounts of money on skin care, creams, cosmetics, to be let down time and time again. I have finally found a cream that has made such changes in my
skin. The Luxury Creme actually penetrates my skin—not just sit on top! I feel so
young! I am a believer!”
— Karen, San Jose.
“Not only have I not gotten results from all the products I have purchased those products irritated my skin. The Luxury Creme has reduced lines, evened out my skintone and
given me the youthful glow again WITHOUT any irritation at all!”
— Melissa, Dallas